If your phone system is Music-On-Hold ready, all you need is a simple, inexpensive personal music player*, or a CD player.  Even a portable unit will work, as long as it has a repeat play function and can be plugged into an AC outlet. You can also use one of the many specialty Messages-On-Hold players available. If your player requires Wave or Vox files, just select "CD plus download" on the order form. We'll send you your choice along with the CD at no additional charge.

To begin reaping the benefits of our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Programs, just connect the output of your On-Hold player (left or right channel, it doesn't matter) to the Music-On-Hold input of your phone system. If your player has both a headphone and a line output, use whichever sounds best and adjust the On-Hold volume to a comfortable level.

If your system requires special connectors, your local electronics or office supply store can help you select the cables and adapters you need.

After you've connected your player, select the desired track(s) and use the repeat play function so that the messages play continuously.

If your phone system doesn't have Music-On-Hold capability, you can still use our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Programs. There are many simple to install SOHO On-Hold adapters available for 1 to 4 line phone systems. Here are a few sources to get you started.


To accommodate various player capacities, each of our 12-minute Practice Building Information-On-Hold Program tracks has been designed so that there's a natural music break every three minutes.

We recommend a digital player*, because it has no moving parts to wear out, and is low in cost.

Make sure that your digital player has a repeat play function, that it can be plugged into an AC outlet, that it automatically charges its built-in battery while playing, and that will continue to play in the event of a power failure.

Common connectors for telephone systems and music players

- Your player, adapter or phone system may have an RCA Phono Jack like this.

- Or, it may have a 1/4" jack or a mini jack.  The 1/4" and mini jacks look almost identical except for size.

- Most digital music players will require a cable that has the 3.5mm mini plug (for the headphone output of the player) and separate left and right channel RCA/Phono connectors to connect the player to your phone system. You'll connect the player to your phone system using either the right or the left channel connector.

If your phone system has a different input connector, you'll need to purchase either an adapter or a cable with the correct connectors. Your local electronics or office supply store can help you select the right ones for your system.

If you have any questions about installation, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to help you get up and running.

Let Your Telephone Build Your Practice... Automatically!

* The ability to charge your player's battery at the same time it is playing your practice building messages is recommended for the program's uninterrupted operation.