Our Practice Building On-Hold Programs use "On-Hold" time to generate new business by educating your clients, and building relationships.

Many large firms use their own custom On-Hold messages to inform their clients about their available services. Until now, a customized program has not been cost effective for most smaller practices.

Our Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Programs provide messaging specifically designed for your profession at an affordable price. Single Season programs are available for only $89.97, $77.00, including shipping and handling. Our programs are delivered on CD, with downloadable electronic files available at no additional charge.

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Programs will make the most of your caller's on-hold time, by letting them know about the many ways in which you can help them realize their goals.

Telemarketing magazine research shows that 25% to 40% of callers make purchases based on information they hear On-Hold. Imagine getting new business from more than one quarter of your existing clients, without any added effort!

Our strategic communications programs are designed to position your practice as well-established, knowledgeable, and forward thinking.

Every one of the over twenty Practice Building Messages in each of our programs is timely and unique. Each message presents you as an experienced professional with the knowledge and desire to better serve your caller's needs. And, you get them at a fraction of the cost of a custom produced On-Hold campaign.

With our Practice Building On-Hold Programs working for your practice, it's like having your own professional sales representative marketing your services - full time. Best of all, our programs never take a lunch break, never need to be trained, and our Practice Building On-Hold Programs deliver the same positive messages every time your callers are placed on-hold!

Don't just take our word for it, listen to a sample from our Programs.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

We're so sure your practice will benefit from our Practice Building On-Hold Programs that we offer a no questions asked, 30 day RISK FREE money-back guarantee!

Practice Professionals On-Hold messages designed specifically for your profession will:

  1. Introduce your callers to services you offer
  2. Increase business from existing clients and patients
  3. Educate callers with timely tips and ideas; generate leads for new business
  4. Reduce marketing and advertising costs associated with finding new business

If you have a small to medium size professional practice, you know how critical building stronger relationships with your existing client base can be.

Take advantage of your callers' time while they’re waiting on-hold. Use Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Programs to effortlessly and economically grow your practice and increase your income.

Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging is available for:

Accounting | Chiropractic | General Dentistry
General Insurance | General Legal | General Medical

Ordering is easy. You’ll receive each program on CD ready for installation into most Music-on-Hold systems. All programs are delivered on CD, with downloadable electronic files available at no additional charge.

Why Does Practice Building On-Hold Messaging Work?

Surveys have shown that:

  • 70% of all callers are placed on hold
  • Average on-hold time is one minute
  • 90% of callers prefer informative messages to silence or the radio

Our Practice specific On-Hold Messaging can increase your business inquiries by up to 20%

It’s been proven that products and services mentioned in On-Hold messages are asked about up to 20% more frequently. This leads to better customer relationships and increased business for you.

During their average one-minute on hold time, your clients will hear 2 to 3 unique messages prompting them with timely tips and information about the many services you have to offer them. That’s potential additional income to help your business grow!

Start Building Additional Income for Your Practice Today!

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Message Programs are a proven, easy, and cost-effective way to build your practice by focusing on your already existing client-base and prospects that call you.

Build on the trust you’ve earned and grow your business. It’s an investment that will pay for itself with just one additional sale to an existing client.

We're Sorry:
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For as little as $89.97 $77.00, including shipping and handling, you’ll receive a Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program with over 20 specific messages with tips, information, and services you can offer your clients. Each program offers three styles of fully licenced and cleared music (Jazz, Soft Rock, and Classical).

You can also order our Holiday release featuring seasonal music with our practice building messages.

A client calls you and you place them on hold. Sometimes it takes a minute or more to find the information you need to handle the call. In the meantime, your client is waiting patiently for you to return.

With Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Programs, instead of just hearing “Your call is important to us”, or “We’ll be with you shortly”, your client hears important information and tips, and is introduced to other services that you provide that may be helpful to them.

The're encouraged to ask ask about these services when you return to the phone, generating additional business for your practice.

We're so sure that you'll benefit from our Practice Building On-Hold Programs that we're offering a no questions asked 30-day RISK FREE money-back guarantee!

Easy Installation

It's easy to install our practice-building tools on your phone system. If your office has multiple phone lines, your phone system probably has Music-On-Hold capability already built in, and you're all set.

All you need is a simple, inexpensive personal digital music player*, or a CD player plugged into your phone system's Music-On-Hold connector or adapter. Then, every time you place your clients on-hold, you'll be providing them with helpful, practice-building information; timely topics and hints that will help to build your practice from the very first call, automatically.

Click on your profession above to find out more about Practice Professionals Messages-On-Hold programs for your practice.

Don’t have Music On-Hold capability on your phone system?

You can quickly and easily add Music-On-Hold capability to your phone system with a 1-4 line adapter and you'll be ready to take advantage of The Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program!

* The ability to charge your player's battery at the same time it is playing your practice building messages is recommended for the program's uninterrupted operation.

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