Stand out from the crowd with timely health tips and advice while your patients wait on-hold.

With Practice Professionals On–Hold Messaging designed specifically for Dental practices like yours, you will:

Introduce existing and prospective patients to the many services you offer

Educate patients about dental health

Generate new patients leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising and marketing

Build long-lasting relationships with your patients

As your patients wait on hold, you have a golden opportunity to offer them beneficial information that they will appreciate and to teach them about your services. Our On-Hold Messaging establishes the caring personality of your practice, positioning you as:

  • Well-established
  • Knowledgeable
  • Forward thinking
  • Looking out for the best interests of your patients

You Can Start Growing Your Practice For as Little as $89.97 77.00.

Surveys have shown that:

  • 70% of all callers are placed on hold
  • Average on-hold time is one minute
  • 90% of callers prefer informative messages to silence or the radio

Practice specific On-Hold Messaging can increase your inquiries by up to 20%.

Use Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Messaging to increase your professional image, and watch your income grow! It’s easy! Our Programs are ready for simple installation into most Music-On-Hold systems. And, we offer a 30-day, no questions asked, RISK FREE money-back guarantee, so YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

Patients who feel you care about their health will return to your office again and again!

Patients who learn about your services will ask for more information about them!

Patients who receive valuable information and advice while on hold will tell their friends about your practice!

Research has shown that it’s up to five times more costly to find new patients than to retain existing ones. With our On-Hold Message Programs, you'll enhance your relationships with existing patients and build relationships with new patients - automatically.

Our Practice-Building On-Hold Messaging Programs are like having your own sales professional – except this sales pro never takes a lunch break and needs no expensive training.

What Your Patients Will Hear

During the average on-hold time, your patients will hear hear tips about maintaining the health of their teeth, mouth and gums. They'll also hear messages that inform them about additional services and procedures that you offer. Services that they might want and need.

They’ll hear messages explaining:

Why flossing is important.

The importance of making appointments well in advance of summer camp or vacations.

Babies and their special oral health needs

How sealants can protect children’s teeth.

How veneers, bonding, and other procedures now make it unnecessary to settle for chipped, stained, or misshapen teeth.

How foods containing sugars and starches can damage tooth enamel.

The importance of mouth guards for sports.

And many others!

Listen to a sample from our Dentistry Programs.

Ordering is easy. You’ll receive our programs on CD ready for easy installation into most Music-on-Hold systems. To insure that our programs are compatible with your Music-on-Hold system, all programs are delivered on CD, with downloadable electronic files available at no additional charge.

What Kinds of Background Music Do You Provide?

While the messages are prompting your patients to take action, fully licensed and copyright-cleared music; Jazz Impressions, Soft Rock, or Classical Moods, plays in the background – you choose the music that best represents your practice (all three styles are included in each program). There's even a special CD for the Holiday season. Your messages are read by professional male and female voiceover artists in clear, crisp tones that are warm and inviting.

When you return to the call, your patient will have new questions based on the concepts introduced while on hold! It’s a small investment that will quickly pay for itself with just one patient's additional business.

What Format are Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Programs Delivered in?

You’ll receive our programs on CD ready for easy installation into most Music-on-Hold systems. To insure that our programs are compatible with your Music-on-Hold system, all programs are delivered on CD, with downloadable electronic files available at no additional charge.

Create Trust. Build Relationships. Increase Income.

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Message Programs for the dental office are a proven, easy, and cost-effective way to build your practice by focusing on your already existing patient base and prospects that call you.

It’s a small investment that will quickly pay for itself with just one patient’s additional business. Order Today!

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Message Programs are also available for:

Accounting | Chiropractic | General Insurance
General Legal | General Medical

Build your practice with The Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging program designed specifically for Dental Practices.

For as little as $89.97 $77.00, including shipping and handling, you’ll receive a Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program with over 20 messages with tips, information, and services you can offer your patients. Each program offers three styles of fully licenced and cleared music (Jazz, Soft Rock, and Classical).

A patient calls to make an appointment or has a question about a possible treatment. Many times, they are placed on-hold while your staff gathers their files, or checks the appointment schedule. Sometimes it takes a minute or so to find all of the information needed. In the meantime, your patient is waiting patiently for you to return.

With Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program, instead of hearing generic, “Your call is important to us”, or “We’ll be with you shortly” messages, your patient is introduced to timely oral health reminders and information about other services that can help them look and feel their best.

And this prompts them to ask about these services when you or your staff return to the phone.

Listen to a sample from our Dentistry Programs.

We're so sure that you'll benefit from our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Programs that we're offering a no questions asked, 30 day, RISK FREE money-back guarantee!


It's easy to install our practice-building tools on your phone system. If your office has multiple phone lines, your phone system probably has Music-On-Hold capability already built in, and you're all set.

All you need is a simple, inexpensive personal digital music player*, or a CD player plugged into your phone system's Music-On-Hold connector or adapter. Then, every time you place your patients On Hold, you'll be providing them with helpful, practice-building information; timely topics and hints that will help to build your practice from the very first call, automatically.

Don’t have Music On-Hold capability on your phone system?

You can quickly and easily add Music-On-Hold capability to your phone system with a 1-4 line adapter and you'll be ready to take advantage of The Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program!

The ability to charge your player's battery at the same time it is playing your practice building messages is recommended for the program's uninterrupted operation.

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