On–Hold Messaging Designed Specifically
for Accountants Will:

Introduce your clients and prospects to services you offer

Increase business from existing clients

Educate clients with timely tips and ideas

Generate leads for new business

Reduce marketing and advertising costs associated with finding new business

Many clients come to you once each year - at tax time. They don’t realize the important services your accounting practice can provide them throughout the year—tax planning, financial planning, understanding new tax laws, sales tax handling, etc. - services your accounting firm provide that make your clients’ lives easier, and increase your practice’s income.

Our Messaging Programs generate excellent word-of-mouth, which leads to greater visibility in your community, and ultimately, to even greater income growth!

All these benefits come from the professional image that Practice Professionals Accounting On-Hold Messaging Programs project for your firm. Instead of wasting your clients’ valuable time with generic messages, you'll reinforce the importance your accounting firm has in their minds by pinpointing services which will help you help them.

Start Building Income from Your Existing Client-base Now

Statistics have shown that it’s five-times more costly to find new clients than to retain existing ones. With our On-Hold Messaging Programs, you don’t need to lift a finger or hire another employee. You simply continue the relationship building process with the clients you already have and interested prospects who call you.  

Instead of constantly searching for new business, you can be providing more services to your existing client-base.

Does Practice Professionals On-Hold
Messaging Really Work?

Surveys have shown that:

  • 70% of all callers are placed on hold
  • Average on hold time is one minute
  • 90% of callers prefer messages to silence or radio

On-Hold Messaging Increases Business
Inquiries by Over 20%

It’s also been proven that products and services mentioned in on hold messages are asked about 20% more frequently than using generic messaging, or none at all, and this leads to greater customer education, better customer relationships, and increased sales.

Each program strategically positions your practice as well established, knowledgeable, and forward thinking, looking out for the best interests of your clients.

During the average one-minute on hold time several messages are played prompting your customers about ideas, news, and services you have to offer them. That’s an effective potential increase in billable hours for your practice!

With our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Messaging Programs working for your accounting practice, it's like having your own professional sales representative marketing your services to your existing clients, full time. Best of all, our programs never take a lunch break, never need to be trained, and our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Messaging Programs deliver the same positive messages every time your clients are placed on hold!

They'll hear messages and reminders about:

Personal and business tax planning

Tax filings for individuals and small businesses

Handling sales tax

Tax saving strategies for buying or selling homes and property

Using money management software to track finances

Record keeping tips

Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of new tax laws

College tuition planning

The importance of financial planning in business startups

The different financing options available for major purchases

Tax advantaged retirement planning

What Format are Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Programs Delivered in?

You’ll receive our programs on CD ready for easy installation into most Music-on-Hold systems. To insure that our programs are compatible with your Music-on-Hold system, all programs are delivered on CD, with downloadable electronic files available at no additional charge.

What Kinds of Background Music Do You Provide?

We've created musical backgrounds suited to all seasons, there's even a special CD for the Holiday season.

Our program is filled with Jazz Impressions, Soft Rock and Classical Moods music (all three are on the CD) interspersed with approximately 20 timely and unique messages that will introduce your callers to additional, seasonally important services your accounting practice can provide.

You can choose the style of music that you like played; play one, or all three. Each program is filled with music that enhances the message. And our practice building messages are interpreted by professional male and female voices that are clear, crisp and inviting.

Create Trust. Build Relationships. Increase Income.

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Message Programs are a proven, easy, and cost-effective way to build your practice by focusing on your already existing client base and prospects that call you.

It’s a small investment that will quickly pay for itself with just one client’s additional business. Order Today!

Practice Professionals Practice Building On-Hold Message Programs are also available for:

Chiropractic | General Dentistry | General Insurance
General Legal | General Medical

As a special limited-time introductory offer, you can receive your exciting practice-building program for only $89.97 $77.00 including shipping and handling!

You can also order our Holiday release featuring seasonal music with our practice building messages.

Listen to an audio sample from the Accounting Program.

A client calls to provide you with additional information. You place them on hold so you can gather their files. Sometimes it takes a minute or so to find all of the information you need. In the meantime, your client is waiting patiently for you to return.

With Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Programs, instead of hearing generic “Your call is important to us”, or “We’ll be with you shortly” messages, your client is introduced to other services that your firm provides. They'll learn that you can help them save on taxes, earn more interest on their retirement account, and reduce the taxes on their business.

This prompts them to ask about these services when you return to the phone. Services that will generate additional income for you, without the high cost normally associated with building your practice.

Listen to an audio sample from the Accounting Program.

As a matter of fact, we're so sure that you'll benefit from our Practice Building Information-On-Hold Programs that we're offering a no questions asked 30-day RISK FREE money-back guarantee!


It's easy to install our practice-building tools on your phone system.

Already have Music-on-Hold Capability on your phone system?

All you need is a simple, inexpensive personal digital music player*, or a CD player plugged into your phone system's Music-on-Hold input. Then, every time you place your clients On- Hold, you'll be providing them with helpful, practice-building information; timely topics and hints that will help to build your practice from the very first call, automatically.

Don’t have Music-on-Hold Capability on your phone system?

You can quickly and easily add Music-On-Hold capability to your phone system with a 1-4 line adapter and you'll be ready to take advantage of The Practice Professionals On-Hold Messaging Program!

Listen to an audio sample from the Accounting Program.

* The ability to charge your player's battery at the same time it is playing your practice building messages is recommended for the program's uninterrupted operation.

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